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We’re focused on best-in-class customer service, exceptional communication, and being the partner of choice for distribution. From inventory management and transloading, to consolidation and truckload moves, iDC Logistics is able to scale with you as you grow your business.


Our warehousing solutions employ state-of-the-art systems and technology, optimized facility layouts, and pressure-tested operations to maximize the cost-effectiveness of your warehousing and distribution functions.

To avoid the rising risk of cargo damage including breakage, theft, or loss, iDC Logistics offers its Intact Transportation Service where cargo is loaded onto ULDs at our own facilities rather than by airlines. Preloading cargo ensures product integrity, prevents left-off cargo, and maintains stable lead times.

  • 1.6 million square feet Warehouse Space
  • Storage/racking
  • Palletizing/Sorting
  • Pick & Pack
  • Custom Packaging
  • Break-bulk, On-forwarding & Distribution
  • Order Management/Fulfillment
  • Transloading
  • Quality Inspection
  • Price tagging/Ticketing
  • PDQ Assembly
  • Cycle counting
  • RFID capabilities
  • Cross docking
  • Inventory Visibility & Management
  • Fulfillment & Distribution
  • Vendor & Pool Consolidations
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Value Added Services
  • Trade show logistics management
  • 24/7 security and latest surveillance


iDC ensures that all modes of transportation needed for shipment are vetted against stringent standards so that our customers’ products arrive safely and on-time. Whether your shipment transfers from truck to railroad or railroad to ship, iDC’s transloading solutions are designed to guarantee a smooth journey for your shipment to its destination.


iDC provides a shipment-sharing system by grouping multiple individual shipments from affiliated shippers and consolidating them into a single larger load. Through consolidation services, customers are able to take advantage of cost and size efficiencies while maintaining each shipment’s documentation. For example, by partnering with Amazon and Walmart, customers are able to send shipments directly to our warehouse for consolidation according to customer requirements.

IDC Logistics is your one stop shop when it comes to your warehousing needs.

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