About Us

Your Distribution Experts

Founded in 2014, iDC Logistics was created by industry veterans who wanted to bring greater transparency and efficiency to logistics through innovative distribution and management solutions. Headquartered in Los Angeles, iDC is now a leading end-to-end logistics company, providing comprehensive design, implementation, and operational capabilities in freight forwarding, contract logistics, transportation, and distribution management. iDC Logistics has developed its reputation by servicing customers who ship to some of the largest retailers in the world. With years of specialty expertise in consumer electronics, industrial products, and healthcare, iDC Logistics has the experience, team, and facilities to deliver. We believe that customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and technology are key drivers of our success and we continue to invest in each as we develop and deliver best-in-class solutions.



Our warehousing solutions deliver advanced technology, optimized facility layouts, and efficient operations to maximize the value of your warehousing and distribution requirements.


iDC’s transloading services support multiple modes and ensure that your goods arrive safely and on-time.


iDC’s consolidation solution groups multiple individual shipments from affiliated shippers into a single load for maximium efficiency.