Real-Time Visibility

iDC offers our customers full visibility into the location and status of their goods, from ship to shelf. 

Our WMS solution easily tracks the movement of goods through our facilities, helping our customers orchestrate their supply chains. 

In addition, we leverage Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as a way to ingest and export data. EDI is often the backbone of supply chain, logistics and transportation communication for today’s largest, and best-known companies. 

For iDC, offering the ability to ingest and push EDI notifications is critical to delivering the transparency our customers require, at the moment they require it. 

Chief among our EDI solutions is invoicing, which helps our customers limit the manual data entry that plagues the overall logistics industry. Our innovative use of EDI helps our customers decrease their total cost of ownership across their logistics spend, and empowers their employees to focus on the most meaningful parts of their roles.

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