Multichannel Fulfillment

Consumer shopping habits have changed, as yesterday’s advanced “eCommerce” approach has become today’s DTC brands, placing the onus of customer experience squarely on the shoulders of the logistics and transportation leaders tasked with ensuring goods arrive on time.

Consumer expectations have never been higher, which means retailers, OEMs, and DTC companies must find fulfillment partners who blend flexibility with focus and expertise.

idc has built a specialized multi-channel fulfillment solution capable of delivering goods from nearly every channel, including eCommerce/Direct-to-Consumer, Retail, Wholesale, and Marketplace. 

A critical component of our approach is pool point distribution, in which we leverage efficient grouping and transporting of customer products to optimize shipping costs. Proximity is also a key differentiator for idc with 5 million sq feet of warehousing space strategically located throughout the US.

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