El Paso, TX

iDC offers a full suite of services to shippers that have needs in El Paso, TX, helping customers move goods rapidly in and out of Mexico. 

We combine more than 150,000 sq feet of warehousing space, located just 18 miles from the El Paso Land Port, with a network of transportation leaders to meet the importing and exporting requirements of shippers with electronics, car parts, and machinery. 

Shipping activity through this port accounts for $80 billion in trade, with most goods coming via truckload. El Paso’s proximity to Juarez, Mexico is a crucial reason for the land port’s success; there are more than 300 factories in the city.

As is true of all global trade, importing and exporting through El Paso can be complicated, with various customs challenges that shippers must address. 

iDC can help shippers get past these hurdles and leverage our 150k sq feet of warehousing space, located less than 30 miles from the El Paso Land Gateway. 

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