Container Freight Station

At idc, we are proud to announce that we have achieved CFS (Container Freight Station) licensure at our California facility located at 2700 E Imperial Hwy, Lynwood CA 90262. This significant milestone is a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive and efficient logistics solutions for your business needs. In this dedicated section, we will explain what a Container Freight Station is, why it’s crucial for your business, and how our CFS license benefits you.

What is a CFS (Container Freight Station)?

A Container Freight Station, commonly refereed to as a CFS is a vital facility in international shipping and logistics. Located strategically near key entry points like airports, container ports, and railway hubs, CFS facilities consolidate and distribute cargo arriving or departing in shipping containers. In the United States, each CFS is uniquely identified by its FIRMS code, which provides a unique designation for each facility.

CFS warehouses mainly serve as collection and storage points for goods that can’t fill an entire container. This is especially useful for Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments, where multiple shippers share container space to reduce costs. Upon arrival, CFS facilities consolidate and package incoming shipments into Full Container Load (FCL) shipments for onward transport. CFS facilities are licensed and certified by US Customs, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Our CFS license signifies our dedication to providing top-tier logistics services to our clients. We understand the importance of a well-managed supply chain in today’s global business landscape. Partner with us to experience the benefits of our CFS licensed facility and take your logistics to the next level.


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